Softener / Water Treatment / Filter Installation

Central Florida is known for hard water, which results in staining, cloudiness in water, rough skin, and causes laundry problems (poor performance of soaps). Iron is also a very common, but correctable problem, that causes staining in sinks and tubs, and can affect the taste and appearance of drinking water. Sulfur in well water can also make water smell and taste unpleasant.
Fletcher Plumbing can install water softeners, carbon filters (city water supplies), and iron filters in most water conditions.

Fletcher Plumbing also recommends the use of water filtration systems to protect your health from potential contaminants and toxins that may be present in your utility or well water supply.

Fletcher Plumbing sells, installs and services water softeners, iron filters, sulfur filters and water purification filters, including carbon and reverse osmosis water filtration systems for your kitchen and refrigerator.