We Fix Leaks! Leak Detection & Repair Ocala

WATER LEAKS are like holes in your bank account. They dribble or drain funds into the ground — a total waste! Call 352-509-7130 We  are Fletcher Plumbing, Ocala’s top-rated  plumber and we find and fix leaks. We fix gas leaks too. Here are some things you can do and things to know, even before you call Fletcher Plumbing.

Emergency Plumbing Company

we repair leaks!If this an emergency, call 844-358-4766 or 352-509-7130 twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week —Unlike some other plumbing companies, We Always Answer thePhone! If you have a major water leak, before we get to your home or  business, your job is to to turn off the water source, if you can.

If water is  pouring out of a broken pipe or the bottom of a rusted-out water heater, and you can’t find a cut-off valve, your best bet may be the house or building’s water main.  If you don’t know where it is, call your  utility (for GRU customers, it’s (352) 334-2711 (24 hours). For Marion County Utilities, call 352-307-6000 (follow the prompts).

Is Your Home Flooded?

As your plumber, our job is to fix plumbing, including major leaks.  However, if you have a lot of water on the floor inside your home, you’ll also need to call a damage control company to quickly pump the water out  and immediately dry your floors, carpets, furniture, and walls if need be.

Flooded Living Room

Hidden-Leak Detection & Slab Leak Repairs

Hidden leaks, like slab leaks, are bad news but we use special listening gear to locate the break quickly, then cut off the water source to stop further losses (like a huge water bill) or property damage. Once the leak is stopped we act fast to restore service to  you. If the underground leak is outdoors, we excavate, then replace the old piping and/or valves, and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got water again!

Of course we will provide an estimate before we start, and our rates are affordable. After the repair we’ll do a very thorough clean up! Other reasons we get such good reviews include flexible appointment times and courteous,  expert plumbers who will take the time to understand your needs and budget.

Clues you might have a slab leak: Your water  pressure is low, or  low in some parts of the house but  not others. You hear gurgling  or water flow sounds under your floors; or, you get an abnormally high water bill.

If we discover that the leak is indeed a “slab” leak, we have options. Slab refers to the slab of concrete under your home. Fixing a slab leak can get costly, even with our affordability. However, you may have coverage for this type of peril in your homeowners insurance policy. One repair option is via demolition — pull up the carpet (or the wood floor) and smash up the concrete to expose the pipes.  After that it’s a plumbing repair. As noted, you have options. We may be able to effect a temporary repair while you consider your options. One common approach is to re-pipe a  section or your  home, or the entire house.

Re-Piping a Home

Re-piping a section (or re-piping all the plumbing in your home) with PVC piping may be the best and most economical way  to deal  with a slab leak. If you live in an older home with aging copper, galvanized steel or iron pipes, which are prone to failure from corrosion and rust, you don’t want to deal with this problem over and over. When a home or building is re-piped, our plumbers typically route new PVC pipes from the point of entry to the home up through attic spaces then down inside walls to existing plumbing fixtures.

Faucet Leaks & Leaks Waiting to Happen

Drip.  Drip. Drip. Faucet leaks are so annoying!  The culprit is often no more than a worn-out rubber washer, though over time brass and other metal parts will also fail. We admire home-owners that like to fix their own faucets! The hardest bit is probably finding the right replacement parts. If you’d rather we do it for you, that’s great too. We carry a wide assortment of fittings and replacement parts on our  trucks, and we’ve  done this job so many times, we’ll be done in a flash and back out  the door at a very reasonable  price.

Stop the Drip, Drip, Drip —A sink faucet leak can be stopped by a cut-off  valve (usually beneath the sink) — provided it’s not so old that it’s rusted shut, and in danger of causing a bigger leak if you use brute force! Even if it looks fairly new, spray rust dissolver at the base of the valve first, let it sit a few minutes, then shut the valve.

Leaks Waiting to Happen

It’s usually best to repair pipes before they fail at a  most inconvenient time!  Especially if you live in an older home with iron or galvanized steel pipes. Take a look around water heaters and under sinks. if you see a pipe that seems to be held together by rust… or see seepage at a junction… call us to restore the integrity of your plumbing.

At Fletcher Plumbing Inc we are experts in the repair of all types of leaks, from simple faucets drips to hidden leaks in slabs and underground areas. We use our expertise and professional grade equipment to locate hidden leaks. Our commercial excavation equipment let us get to the source of buried leaks quickly. Call us at 352-509-7130 today for:

  • Faucet/spigot leak repairs
  • Shower Pan leaks
  • Slab leak detection & repair
  • Above ground leak detection
  • Leaks in Water and gas piping