We provide estimates on cost, or cost options, and sometimes a fixed price quote, before we start any job.

Free Estimates and Quotes

In some cases, we can provide an estimate or fixed-price quote during  an initial  phone conversation with you, or on a follow-up call. There is no cost to you for the price quote or estimate.

Fee-based Estimates are Deductible

There is a $79 fee to cover our expenses if a plumber must travel to your location to provide an estimate.W hen you accept our estimate or price quote, the  $79 fee will be deducted from the job cost.

About Estimates and Price Quotes

ESTIMATES – In most cases, an estimate is the actual price you will pay. Estimates may change if the plumber encounters hidden damaged or corroded piping (for example) during the course of a repair. At such time the plumber will advise you of options and costs above the original estimate. Also, when troubleshooting complex problems or looking for hidden leaks, a plumber may estimate a range of hours.

PRICE QUOTES – Sometimes our staff are able to quote a fixed cost for an installation or repair on the phone, or after an in-person investigation. An example would be the current special offer for installation of a new deluxe toilet, or replacement of standard plumbing appliances.

Thank you for calling Fletcher Plumbing! We look forward to serving you.