Free Water Heaters for Select GRU Customers
Apply Now to GRU-LEEP

Are you  a low-income to moderate-income customer of Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU)? You may be eligible for a free, brand-new water heater installed by Fletcher Plumbing, as well as other energy home improvements, at no cost to you! Through the GRU Low-income Energy Efficiency Program Plus (LEEP) you could get up to $10,000 in home improvements to lower your energy bill, improve your comfort, and reduce energy usage. According to Scott Downey of GRU, renters may now be elegible to participate in LEEP. Previously the program was  limited to homeowners. See application link below. Fletcher plumbing is an established LEEP plumbing contractor (see story from Main Street News) and has already installed 150 water heaters for GRU customers under this program.

Based on the inspection and to some  degree your preferences, you may get help to lower your  energy bill by:

  • Replacing your water heater
  • New central AC and heating systems, or
  • Service your existing HVAC unit(s)
  • Swap out room air conditioners for high-efficiency units
  • Repair leaky ducts
  • Install more insulation
  • Install programmable thermostat
  • Weather-stripping and caulking doors and windows
  • Up to 10 compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)

Heads UP: If you qualify for LEEP, you will have to act quickly, and be at home for scheduled appointments!!

  • You’ll need to be present for a GRU home energy review
  • You will only have a month to get a proposal  from us after your GRU review. If you miss this deadline, you may have to re-apply for LEEP.
  • You must be prompt with all paperwork
  • Please understand that Fletcher Plumbing has to come out and do an inspection to provide a price
  • Once work is  approved,  you have to be at home as scheduled when the water heater installation and electrical (if applicable) work is done. These may be done on separate days.
  • After your new water heater is installed, the work must be inspected by the city or county inspector. These inspectors have very full schedules. Please make sure you are available for your appointment.

Who gets the money?

Rebates are given directly to the GRU LEEP plus Partnering Contractor(s) rather than to the customer. Please select Fletcher Plumbing as your contractor to replace your water heater if that is a recommended upgrade.

You Are Eligible for the LEEP Plus Program if

  • You are a GRU residential electric customer with one year or more service at current address.
  • You own and live in the house being improved and it is a single-family dwelling built in 1997 (or earlier), or a mobile home
  • You can show you meet current HUD Low-income Guidelines
  • Please note that this program only offers assistance once per customer or specific home

To establish low-income status, please contact a federal, state or local assistance agency, such as, but not limited to:
Neighborhood Housing & Development Corporation – 352-380-9119.

How to Apply for Free Energy Saving Home Upgrades

Go to the GRU website LEEP-PLUS program page and Submit an application today! Full instructions are provided on how to obtain a free pre-repair home inspection, a list of LEEPplus Partnering Contractors (Fletcher Plumbing will be listed), and how to submit estimates to GRU for approval.