Water Heater Services in Ocala, Gainesville & Adjacent

If your water heater is not working as well as it used to, and you want to repair or replace it — or explore options for better performance and energy savings—call Fletcher Plumbing Inc, the hot water heater experts. We provide free inspections, free estimates, and have solutions to fit your lifestyle and budget. We take the time to understand just what you want before we recommend repairs or replacement. Call us at 352-509-7130.

We sell, service and install electric, gas, tank and tank-less hot water heaters. Our plumbers serve Ocala, Belleview, The Villages, Gainesville, and adjacent areas. See the FAQs on this page about concerns we hear regards existing water heaters, water temperature, and water pressure.

Water Heater Repair Ocala, Gainesville FL

Repair may be as simple and inexpensive as replacing heater elements or a thermostat. If you have hard water buildup, your tank may need to be flushed and the elements inspected.

Replacement Water Heaters, Tank / Instant

If it no longer pays to repair your water heater, replacement is our specialty. We are experts in electric, natural gas, tank and tank-less (instant) hot water heaters and offer a wide range of models for you to purchase. At Fletcher Plumbing Inc we understand that a new water heater is a big investment, and we gladly take the time to help you explore the best, most cost-effective options. While electric systems are less expensive initially, lower operating costs make gas heaters less expensive in the long run. The choice is up to you.


electric,gas and tankless water heatersWater Heater Installation Ocala, Gainesville FL

We recommend that a qualified technician install your new water heater. Not following best water heater installation practices may result in poor performance, high energy costs, and potential danger to the homeowners. We can install a replacement heater you’ve already purchased, or help you select a new one, from us, or another vendor, then install it for you. You can trust Fletcher Plumbing Inc to handle the job from start to finish. We are experts in the installation, maintenance, rebuilding and replacement or conversion of water heaters from electric to natural gas, and from tank to tankless systems.

The Pricing and Service You Deserve

In addition to great pricing, we pride ourselves on flexible appointment times to fit your busy schedule, and on-time arrival by our technicians. You can also count on Fletcher Plumbing Inc for high-quality workmanship, respect for your property, and a thorough cleanup after we finish our work.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and discuss your options. There’s no charge for us to come out and explore the best options for your situation. Call us at 352-509-7130.